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29 May 12 - Added Dream Girls - Live YouTube video.

29 May 12 - Added Live! At The Red Lion CD. Our live CD from 1979 was released today.

29 May 12 - Just realized we weren't updating this page!

18 Oct 08 - Added a video from the Reunion of Dance of the Teenagers.

03 Mar 07 - Back into the studio to begin mixing live material from the Red Lion Inn from September, 1979. Tapes sound great and mixes sound even better!

28 Nov 06 - Went into the studio (specifically Pogo Studio) and recorded Dance of the Teenagers.

28 Aug 06 - Added some nice Reunion Pics supplied by Kevin Hopkins.

26 Aug 06 - now has its own web host (GoDaddy) and online identity.

18 Aug 06 - Added a Reunion Comments page to share feedback we've received on the Red Lion Inn Reunion.

13 Aug 06 - Updated the Lyrics Page. Added Dance of the Teenagers.

12 Aug 06 - We played for the first time in 26 years at the Red Lion Inn Reunion!

19 Jan 02 - All-Rave get-together at the Wolf Den. We reviewed tapes and had quite a few laughs. Some good audio stuff still exists but there's a lot to go through.

17 Jun 01 - Wrote up some mini-bios for the band roster on the main page.

03 Jun 01 - Updated the Lyrics Page. Added Everytown and an alternate version of (Is That Your) Mother.

20 May 01 - Added Prairie SUN review from September of 1978. Thank God for scanners.

20 May 01 - Started this news page.

20 May 01 - Added a lyrics sheet for many Rave original tunes.

30 Apr 01 - Added two rockin' MP3-format Rave tunes: Mother and Sometimes.

18 Mar 01 - Posted the Pig Shot to the main page.

15 Jan 01 - Put up a web page with nothing but the logo and the "Coming to your neighborhood soon" blurb.

- Herb

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