The Rave: Live at The Red Lion

Live! At The Red Lion by The Rave has been released and the official CD is available now from Parasol Records for a low price of just $9 or $8 for MP3, FLAC and other formats at BandCamp. There are 14 tracks, all live and recorded in 1979 at the height of the Champaign music scene. Click the link for free, full-length previews. Buy a few copies for posterity and enjoy a night with The Rave!

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Track Listing:

(Is that Your) Mother
Pulled Up
Dream Girls
Hole in Your Heart
12-String (I Can't Help Forgiving You)
Test Tube Babies
Psycho Killer
Closed Doors
Carolyn, Caroline
(The) Long Goodbye
New York, N.Y.
Wild, Wild, Wild
(I've Got a New) Girlfriend
Blue Crusties

You may also download Live! At The Red Lion via iTunes and, or stream at Spotify.

Listen to the podcast of the interview with Garrett and Herb of The Rave on WEFT's Smile Politely Radio. Learn more about the CD and the history of The Rave and the Champaign music scene.

Read the Innocent Words Magazine article about Live! At The Red Lion.

Coming to your neighborhood soon!

After a 26-year hiatus, The Rave returned to Champaign IL for one night only: August 12, 2006 at Fat City Saloon, 505 S. Chestnut, Champaign IL. The Rave joined many other classic Champaign live music bands as part of the three-day Red Lion Reunion. If anyone would be interested in sharing their pictures of the event with the Rave please contact us via the comment form.
Remember: If you don't see them, somebody else will!

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View some videos from YouTube:

Dream Girls - Live! At The Red Lion

Dance of the Teenagers

Can't Help Forgiving You

Test Tube Babies

WICD Story

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We Are The Rave:

Lyle Diamond (Brian Cook)
Master of the bass guitar and head crooner for the band, Lyle displayed powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Lyle's songwriting showed a pop sensibility which was refreshing for its time.
Garrett "Wolf" Oostdyk
When the "Werewolf of Woodstock" strapped on the Explorer you knew he meant business. Garrett is/was one of the finest players around and his gritty demeanor punctuated his high-flying sounds.
Herbert Tareyton (Kevin Hisel)
Billed as the former lead singer with The Ventures Herbie could really get the crowd going and on its feet. Fortunately our manager would chase them down and get them back into the club.
Tommy Domino (Tom Garza)
Originally hailing from East Hollywood, CA, Tommy showed potent prowess, pounding rhythms and seminal virtuosity. He was a pretty good drummer, too. Tommy kept the Rave on a very steady musical course.
Nina the Nun (Bill Slichter)
While not a formal member of the band itself, Nina was a powerful creative force. "She" nurtured a sense of imagination and camaraderie that kept the spark in the organization--and ran a mean spotlight.

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