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The gig was great! Many of my Rave fan, friends, Adam Schmitt, Paul Chastain, John Richardson, all fans and all musicians really want to see you play again. We believe that the kids would love you guys too. You should do a show at the Highdive or Cowboy Monkey. Just say when, where and how much. We will be there with balls on!  er, eh, BELLS on.  

I am relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee in my brand new Rave coffee mug. Like the band itself, it's a big cup o fun.  


thanks for the treat at the reunion. I hope this was not a once only gig. Was that the real nun running around or a fake??? I think the best thing about the show was watching you guys enjoying yourselves. what do you all do for a living these days? anyway, Rock on Rave!! hope to see ya soon. PS I worked at Steak & Shake in High School doing dishes. I haven't worm the hat in 30 years. I hate bean pots!!!

I am sad to say that I missed the Rave's show Saturday night, but I heard it was great. I was a volunteer worker on Friday night, but unable to make the Saturday night shows. I am actually inquiring about the Backdrop that Brian put together. I sent Jack Davis an email to see if he had put this together, because on Friday, I had a ton of people asking if there were posters like the backdrop that they could purchase. He told me that Brian actually put together the backdrop. I heard that it sold at a silent auction - that was a great idea. Anyway, are there any plans to have some posters made like that, that can be sold on the RL website or elsewhere?


Just the most brilliant damn show ever! I'll send you my pics after I get a chance to download. I drove 4 hrs from Milwaukee to see you guys. So well worth it! I hope you and Tommy, Wolfie and Lyle had as much fun as the crowd did. Now don't wait another 25 years to do this again! I think you know that somebody would certainly show up now! I don't know if you guys spent a fair amount of time rehearsing for this, but if you did, THANK YOU! While yes it was fun to see alot of the bands from days gone by, but really only The Rave could walk off from the show able to say, "Oh yeah, we were as good if not better than 25 years ago". Well done my man! Tommie was rock solid, Lyle sounded so good on all the originals and Psycho Killer was the icing on the cake. Was kinda wanting to hear Rock & Roll Pt. 2, but Test Tube Babies was awesome!

The Rave was viewed by the heavy rock bands of that C-U era as pop and cheesy. I always thought you guys just plain got it! You were there to entertain, if somebody liked your songs, great, but make sure you send them home happy they dropped a few bucks to come out and see you. I didn't realize my Rathskeller bandmates had never seen you. They were blown away, couldn't understand why they never came out to see the band in the day. I also heard that from numerous other players. So a complement to you four from the hard rockers of the late 70's. I told them all we had The Rave to thank for killing disco too! Think about it Herb. By the time the band had split....Disco was all but dead and gone! Long Live The Rave!

Keith Anderson

It was well worth the 3 hour drive.

Great time, it appeared you guys were enjoying yourselves and you sounded great. I'm sure you put a fair amount of work into it, all I can say is "thanks"! Great set list, most of my faves (although if my hazy memory serves me, you left off my favorite part of "Dance of the Teenagers"....(everybody's talking 'bout the new girl in town - c'mon and dance - teenagers dance!).

anyway, my wife even loved you, and you went over great. Thanks again. I hope the very favorable response you got inspires you all to maybe try it again sometime in the future.

I drove in from Chicago just to see your reunion show at FCS last night. What a treat! Thanks for conjouring up some special memories from my days in C-U. The Green St. show (8/79) and the Crystal Lake Park show (6/80?) were 2 very memorable performances that come to mind (outside of those at RLI). Hoping that you fellas will re-unite again before another 26 years elapses. And I'm still dreaming of a "The Rave" release on CD or DVD. What are the chances such a release will materialize?

I'll be back for the Vertebrats reunion show on 9/16 at The Iron Post in Urbana. What a great summer for vintage rock and roll in the twin cities.

You guys still rule.
Tommy Gunne

My wife had never seen or heard the Rave, other than the CD you sent me two years ago. You might remember that I told you about Garrett's comment " the mix was too much in the red.Your question was "did I like it?":after the evenings performance.

Your performance that night was beyond almost everyones' expectations by reading the reviews on your website. The show you gave was the heart and soul of four friends who sounded like they had been rehearsing for 25 years. That night Garrett was that " guy in Spain playing to the ocean." Brian still plays some of the most interesting bass parts I have ever heard. His voice remains unchanged. I thought Tommy was going to destroy that drum kit before the show was over. And you "Herb", I wondered if your comments between songs was rehearsed. The guitar work, on that white Strat, showed that you did not have " alot of rust to get through." You are very entertaining.

I think my wife's comments about the show are more interesting than mine. I remember when when you were doing Friday afternoon shows at some bar on Wright Street in 1978.

She said to me after the second song, "you did not tell me these guys are professional studio musians."

We both wished that a recording of the show was available for purchase. My favorite song was the Sinantra tune.

The RAVE played with passion and style. You played as if you had nothing to prove, it just seemed natural. That night you were the best band playing anywhere.

I would like to know if a copy of the performance will be available for purchase? I would like a clear copy of the show. If not, thank you all for taking time from your real jobs to play a benefit for education and to remain an inspiration to people who like music with dignity.

Bill Taylor,

Love your band!! I've never seen a performance quite like yours. You've somehow combined intelligence with rock. (is that an oxymoron?).

What a show!

You have got to play again soon, very soon.


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