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Mr. Hisel's Portrait, Courtesy of Terry Miller-Brown

The Obligatory Bio

I was born January 27, in Kankakee, Illinois (rated "Worst Place to Live", 1999). I graduated from Kankakee Westview High School in 1974. I moved to Champaign, Illinois in 1976 and later joined a local rock band called The Rave. I couldn't play but the others in the band were so talented that no one noticed. In 1981, I had to get a straight job so I got a part-time position as a phone-order taker at a fast-growing local mail-order company named Tower Hobbies which sells radio-controlled models. A few years later I bought a Commodore VIC-20 computer and later got hooked on the C-64 and subsequently the C-128 and joined the local user group, CUCUG. I then moved on to the Classic Amiga. I am now primarily a Windows and Unix kind of fellow.

After 32 years I retired from one of the coolest jobs in the world as Vice President of Tower Hobbies.

Read our latest press release.

Here's my Facebook page:

Sites I am (or was) responsible for maintaining

The Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group
The local PC and Macintosh user group of which I am a charter member.
Tower Hobbies
My former employer's home page. They sell radio-controlled models. Developing this site pretty much took up most of my personal and professional life 1994 to 2013. Tower Hobbies has a great team which has made this site very successful.
The Rave
The Rave rocked the Champaign-Urbana music scene 1978-1981 and then again in 2006!

Photo Albums

Hisel Get-Together
Wilma and Delmar invited the Hisel gang to their house in Bourbonnais on June 8, 2003. Here are some pics!
Millie's 100th Birthday
My grandmother turned 100 years old on April 10, 2002. Here are some pics of her birthday bash!
Christmas '99
A fun time was had by all at Susan and Charley's house.
Cammy's Gang's Memorial Day Outing
CB's friends had a good time, again at Susan and Charley's place.
Photos from Facebook
Lots of goofy and fun pics from my time in The Rave and other venues.

Favorite Links

The Rave: Live at the Red Lion
Shameless self-promotion. This is my band's album (in CD and download format) recorded in 1979 and released in 2012. Listen to full-length samples for free.
Actual Time
What time is it? This very accurate web-based clock will tell you the exact time. Your tax dollars actually at work.
A nutty collection of links to weird stories and other oddities on the web. Updated daily. Possibly not safe for work.

Cool home pages of some of my pals

Bill Slichter
Formerly known as Nina the Nun, Bill is real Renaissance man. Film maker, actor and professional voice over performer. Bill is the voice of Victory Motorcycles!
Carolyn Mohler Kraft
My cousin Carolyn is a master miniature modeler and you can view some of her incredible creations of miniature houseplants on her website.
Jim Oldfield
Jim is a legend from the early days of Commodore computing. A founding member of CUCUG and publisher of the Midnite Software Gazette, Jim is just one of those great people you're happy you know.
Jake Slichter
Jake is a good friend of my old band, The Rave. Now he's in a real live, famous rock band himself, Semisonic. Way to go, Jake!
Randy "Mynch" Lynch
Mynch is an old Big Ben buddy and noted music expert. This really isn't his home page, but a virtual tour of some of his old stompin' grounds that I found on the 'net somewhere.

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